Milkymumma FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Milkymumma Lactation Products work?

Our lactation products contain key galactagogues such as Sunflower Lecithin, flaxseed and moringa leaf etc that boost milk production along with providing many other health benefits! Our bestseller smoothies were created to help mumma hydrate more as they consume a milk booster. 

You may find that having a well balanced diet, good hydration and clearing your milk ducts out is important in order for galactogogues to work effectively. Lactation boosters are only useful in boosting milk supply alongside nursing babies as often as you can and pumping whenever necessary. Remember that demand begets supply here.

How much should I consume/ How long before it take effects? 

We recommend the below:

  • Smoothies: twice a day or
  • Brownies: 3 x 25gram piece or
  • Mumma Bar: twice a day in between meals (chill before consumption)

Different mummies have different absorption rates, so some may observe noticeable differences within the day, whilst others may require at least 3-4 days of consumption. Feel free to tune up or down as you think necessary. Different galactagogues have different impacts on milk supply as well. Do consider other flavours with different ingredients to find those that suit you.

As a general guide, a well rested, hydrated and happy mummy will provide sufficiently for her baby. It is important to have skin to skin with the baby as soon as possible after delivery, and pump whenever necessary and latch your baby as often as you can.

How soon can I consume Milky Mumma?

Its never too early to use Mummalyte Hydration. In fact, if you are suffering from dehydration from being sick you are going to need a good electrolyte that’s safe and doesn’t have any preservatives.

You can consume the smoothies too as it’s a great source of plant protein and your body will use to support your growing baby and start to get your body thinking about making milk oh they are super tasty.

How often would I drink Mummalyte?

This would depend on your level of sickness. We recommend sipping all throughout the day as Mummalyte acts as a fuel, helping your body to sustain energy.

I have Gestational Diabetes, are your products safe to consume? 

All the products are free from refined sugars and use natural sweeteners such as stevia extract or dates, except for the Mummalyte Hydration, which is made entirely of crushed freeze-dried fruit. We recommend checking with your healthcare provider first to see if it is compatible with your Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Plan.

The Brownie recipe calls for Coconut Syrup, what alternatives can I use?

If you don’t have coconut oil/syrup, or don’t like the taste, then feel free to substitute! I find that adding a ripe banana and a cup of sugar of approx 100gram is just the right sweetness for me. If you skip the banana, then do 130grams of sugar instead. Try adding some hershey chocolate syrup in between the two layers for an additional sweet treat.

You can adjust the amount of sweetener to your liking, and if coconut syrup is unavailable, you can try agave syrup, manuka honey, brown rice syrup etc. Please note that different sweeteners with varying sugar content will change the sweetness level of the finished product.

How long do the brownies last? 

We recommend refrigerating your lactation support goodies for freshness, and consuming within one week. Or you can freeze them, and enjoy up to one month after the freeze date.

is it safe to give my children Milkymumma Products?

Absolutely! If you are not already lactating, these products will not make you magically lactate. They are packed full of yummy superfoods that your entire family can enjoy guilt-free. Warning! Your child may love the brownies so much, you’ll have to hide them for yourself! 

Should I continue to consume the lactation support products if I have oversupply?

This is a personal choice, as the Lactation Support Products can also improve the quality of your milk making it more nutritious. 

The Packaging on the Smoothies calls for 2 scoops but no scoops is provided. 

Please use a tablespoon, but feel free to use a heaped tablespoon or two full tablespoons. There is no upper limit! You may choose to take more cups in a day if you are reducing the tablespoon portion each time. Go according to the taste/consistency you like.

The product hs clumped in the packaging, is it still safe to consume? 

Yes – this is typical of natural products, and is an indicator that these are genuine products without any synthetic processed preservatives in them (hence why the shelf life is 12 months only). Sometimes, they just need a good jigging around, and they are good to go! With the mummalyte and smoothies, they will dissolve in liquid.