Happy Mothers’ Day! Mothers’ Day takes on a different meaning as we became moms ourselves. We understand the heartaches and sacrifices that our Moms have gone through even though it probably was quite a different Motherhood experience than ours will be in this fast paced era of technology and dual-income family norms. 

We see the emerging trend of Mumpreneurs out there as Moms seek to continue to nurture their families even as they continue to contribute to the household income. Such is the story of Anh, our lovely distributor of Silverette Asia.

Anh is Australia’s & South East Asia SILVERETTE® nursing cups product specialist and distributor, providing mums a product that supports both physical and mental wellness when it comes to their lactation journey.

Anh is an advocate of the importance of postpartum wellness and with her personal experience using the SILVERETTE® nursing cups and sharing her community of mums personal experiences of using them, she is able to educate and give new mum an solution to help them reach their breastfeeding or expressing goals.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself

So I’m Anh, born in Malaysia and raised in Australia. My parents were part of the wave of Vietnamese people who left Vietnam by boat. I am married to Derek 11 years, I have one daughter Cara who is 6. I’m a foodie. I am one of those people who love food and will take a photo of anything I eat and post it. I like to keep busy so it’s between cooking, eating out, spending time with Cara and of course running Silverette Asia helping mums reach their breastfeeding goals.

  1. Describe a little about your relationship with your children. Your way of parenting

A lot of cuddles and hugs. I miss the baby stage so I joke with her by treating her like a baby. Aside from the jokes I am negotiating with her daily. I try to treat her like a small adult. At her age she would asks for things so the goal is to be fair. It’s never a hard no but there is always something I need her to do to earn her request. It seems to work but it’s 6 now, ask me in 7 years time.

  1. Has your view on motherhood changed from before you were a mom to now? How?

This question nails those memes you see online “expectation” versus “reality” of parenting and you have laugh. My view has definitively changed for sure. I am much more patience now and I can let go and just enjoy the journey rather than rush to the end goal. So what I used to be so strict when she was a new born is much more relaxed now. So the battles on eating vegetables, sleeping on time, getting ready, how much screen time is all about having a balance.  I am much more relaxed and less stress because of it.

  1. What is your most memorable event in this motherhood journey so far?
    My daughter telling me she will stay with me until she is 38. That was my highlight because I am 38. Just melts my heart.

6. What is your favourite part of being a mom?

Having this little person giving you cuddles everyday and having such a personality to go with it. I am always amazed how children have their own personality from the day they were born. They had already formed their opinions and thoughts and when they were able to speak it was much more evident.

7.Why did you choose to join the Silverette Business?

I went into Silverette because of a personal event that happened in my life which was struggling with sore cracked nipples whilst breastfeeding. I always considered myself as quite practical and was able to overcome things. Breastfeeding was one of those events in life I just struggled and felt lost. I was broken mentally and physically and just felt alone. It didn’t feel good not to have any control and my only choice was to give up breastfeeding. 

These cups gave me a lifeline because it addressed the issue wanting to breastfeed but needed to repair quickly. I knew there was mums out there like me and I wanted to go into it bringing awareness that you can use Silver to heal and continue to meet your round the clock feeding.

8. How has your experience been being a mumpreneur?

Rewarding. Being a mum and working in this business I am passionate about has been absolutely amazing. The experiences I have gained in both areas has made me so adaptable. For example when things don’t go the way you need it to go rather then let the negativity sink in I’m like that’s fine there must be a better solution to explore.

I also love the fact I get to talk to ladies who are expecting listening to their concerns being a new mum. I enjoy sharing my experience of having my daughter and my struggles which reassure them it’ll be ok. I also love helping mums who contact me and are suffering because they are having a challenging time dealing with soreness and cracked nipples. I’m all about sharing information of my experiences and other mums experiences and of course talk about how Silverette could help them. It’s like having a coffee with a girlfriend and just sharing information. It’s great.

9. What is the toughest part of being a mother thus far for you?

No instruction booklet when you need to overcome a challenge. Just having to go with your gut and hope your decision doesn’t have an impact on them later on.

  1. Describe your relationship with your mother and what lessons you have learnt/implemented into your own motherhood journey.

My mother is my role model. I still can’t believe how much energy she had raising us all and working full time running her own business. She was always teaching us to be independent and create something for yourself. I come from a family of 4 and whilst growing up I learnt my mother was very practical and constantly on the go. Her traits has rubbed off on me so I draw inspiration from her can do energy. I tell my daughter to try and if she struggles, it’s ok as long as you keep trying.

  1. What is your advice for a new mom out there?

I tell them to always stop and smell the roses, their babies will grow up so quickly. Simply just relax and follow your inner gut.   

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